V2.0.12 update

With the v2.0.12 update there is now a new shortcode for displaying a tree on a page. This is potentially useful for writing a post about an individual and showing their ancestors. The tree as below just shows the subject and the previous two generations, it does not show any siblings of the subject. There is no living qualifier so use with care. The individuals shown on the tree are NOT linked to their data. The shortcode is in the format of [ gs_tree id=”I79″ ] where the number in quotes is the root individuals id in the database.

The second change to this update is for the gedshow and the single surname shortcodes. There have been several instances of users using smart quotes in the shortcode when selecting living or not and as a result the data has not been displayed. Code is now in place on these two shortcode to change the smart quotes to normal quotes so that the data is displayed.